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Poor Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort in FlamesAnyone who’s seen Ray Comfort speak or has read anything he’s written knows pretty well that he’s a couple bananas short of a bunch. Aside from the mind-dizzying irrationality of his assertions, he moves firmly into the land of untruth when it comes to speaking about the Theory of Evolution. So far so, that according to Ray’s own preaching, he’s going to Hell.

You’ve heard his shtick. It’s the same one that Kirk Cameron uses. He’ll approach someone and ask him if he’s a good person. Then he’ll proceed to ask if the mark has ever lied, stolen, taken the Lord’s name in vain, or committed adultery (based on his biblical definition). Of course, then he’ll tell the mark that he’s a lying, blaspheming, adulterous thief and is going to Hell… unless… and then Ray gives the whole Jesus solution.

I recently watched a YouTube video of Ray doing some open-air preaching in what might be Huntington Beach (he preaches there a lot, evidently). After the regular bit mentioned above and some of his classic religion-based drivel, he starts talking about evolution and goes way off into the realm of grand liars.

I’ve heard him yammering on before in other venues, too, about the Theory of Evolution (and other things). Here are some of his gems.

There’s not one shred of evidence for evolution!

Do you believe in evolution? (yes) Then this (motioning to a gorilla statue) is your great grand-pappy.

Darwin was a very bitter man who went into the ministry… fell away… never knew the Lord.

[Darwin] lost his daughter at the age of 12. (Annie Darwin died at age 10)

[Evolution is] basically idolatry, creating a god in your own image, a god that doesn’t demand moral accountability.

It’s good that [the first dog’s] got eyes because he needs to look for a female. He’s been blind for millions of years but now he can see.

Everything has to have a female evolve at the right place at the right time, right reproductive organs [sic] and a desire to mate.

Evolution is crazy. People don’t think very deeply.

We’ve created a website where parents can go and find pithy articles and video clips that disprove evolution and prove God’s existence. (emphasis mine)

An atheist is someone who believes that nothing created everything.

Evolution deals with moral accountability to God. (huh?)

[Atheists] are not intelligent. (because they believe in Evolution)

There are plenty more and, if I don’t just limit myself to his statements about evolution, the number of absurdities is practically astronomical.

You might be tempted to chalk some of these things up to ignorance. Perhaps poor Ray just doesn’t know the facts and he’s saying these things because, given the extent of his “research,” he actually thinks they’re true. I don’t buy that because Ray’s been performing his dog and pony show for many years and his absurdities have been soundly debunked over and over and over by scientists and laymen alike. The only way that he would not know is if he doesn’t listen… and if sound only travels away from his body, not toward it… and if words only go out of his mouth and none go into his brain. In other words, if he is willfully ignorant.

Anybody with a modicum of education about the Theory of Evolution can see right through his arguments, yet Ray keeps on keeping on with his blatant lies. Yes, lies.

So according to his own preaching, if Ray tells lies, he’s a liar and has sinned against his god. Now, he could repent, but to truly repent (again, according to his own preaching), he can’t just say he’s sorry. He’s got to turn away from the sin. It’s obvious that he’s not doing that, given his continued cock-and-bull stories.

So sorry, Ray. Enjoy your time in the sun because it looks like you’re going to be Satan’s pet.

If you believe in that sort of thing.

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