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What kind of person?

Ummm... huh? With the 40th anniversary of the moon landing last week, the images of the Apollo landing sites taken recently by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter were of particular interest. They show all three landing sites along with some equipment left behind and disturbances by the astronauts’ boot prints. That’s very cool, and the LRO isn’t even as close to the moon as it will be once its orbit is finalized, so we’ll be seeing even better, higher-resolution shots of the landing sites.

Of course, none of these images will hold sway with any of the moon-landing-hoax conspiracy theorists. If you can’t trust NASA about the original landing, why would you trust them to show you more "evidence" of the landing, right?

I was talking about this exact thing with a co-worker this morning and we were laughing about the moon-hoax people. He said, "What kind of person really believes that the landing was a hoax?" Then, after a chuckle, he added, "The kind of people who think the Earth is flat?"

Knowing that he is a young-Earth creationist (we’ve had great discussions and he’s a delight to debate/talk with), I said, "Or the kind of people who think the Earth is only 6,000 years old?"

He replied (without a hint of sarcasm), "I don’t know about that."


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