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Fascination with The Absurd

ScientologyAlthough I never agreed with the beliefs of Christianity and all other theologies on the planet I atleast understood why they came into existence. My personal belief is that religions came into existence to explain the unexplainable. The things that as human beings scared us were explained by beliefs and supernatural beings. Earthquakes, vulcanic eruptions, tidal waves and other natural disasters were scary and we needed an explanation for them. As pattern seeking humans we like to explain the unexplainable and sometimes a bad explanation is better than no explanation. This is unfortunately the foundation for religions on this planet. I don’t agree with them yet I still get it, but Scientology not so much.

How is it possible in this modern age a religion could be born from the mind of a science-fiction writer and believed by thousands maybe millions of people worldwide. We’re supposed to be living in the information age. A time when technology and scientific reasoning should rule over silly notions and whimsical fancies. Yet it is in this very same age that the beliefs of Scientology have been allowed to foment a foothold in the minds of millions of intelligent people. I’m not going to bore you with an explanation of what Scientologists believe, it’s all over the Internet. I like to say what Scientologists believe is crazier than the rest but frankly a virgin birth, resurrection, eternal life and a belief in the happily hereafter make it kind of tough.

I have personally spoken to a member in long-standing of the Sea organization, a particularly dedicated group of Scientologists. He has since left Scientology but told account after account of what he personally witnessed as physical and mental abuse perpetrated on members of the Sea organization by their leaders. I’ve also spoken to someone who was personally onboard L. Ron Hubbard’s yacht and was treated in a very bizarre manner. The person I spoke to was there on official legal business. This person was made to wait over an hour for L. Ron Hubbard to sign a document. Finally when the document reemerged from the bowels of the ship that Hubbard was on, it did not contain his signature only what was alleged to be his thumbprint. This person was forced to return the next day to actually get a signature because in a court of law a thumbprint just doesn’t cut it. I have a very close friend who went to the celebrity center in Los Angeles to apply for a job. When my friend showed up for the interview he was told he had to give his car keys to Scientologist parking attendant. When my friend asked why he needed to give up his keys to the parking attendant he was told it was incase the car needed to be moved because the parking lot was so full. My friend looked around the parking lot and  realized he was only one of about 10 cars in a virtually empty parking lot. My friend began to feel a little nervous and protested to giving his keys up at which point they said that’s our policy there was no choice in the matter. My friend decided not to apply for the job and left. Keep in mind I’m a nobody. I’m as far removed from Scientology as anyone can get. Yet I have three personal anecdotal stories about the weird internal goings-on in the Church of Scientology.

Of all religions out there I’ve always had a sneaky fascination with Scientology. Scientology fascinates me more than the others for one simple reason. When you ask a Christian if they really believe that Jesus was the son of God, born of a virgin, died for our sins, and was resurrected they will say, “why yes of course they do”, they have to. Although I don’t believe what they believe, they generally will not lie about what their beliefs are. With Scientology it’s a whole new ballgame. Ask a Scientologists if they actually believe that the evil galactic overlord Xenu really ever existed and released Thetans in volcanoes that are now inhabiting humans, they act as if you are mocking them.  Ask a Scientologists if they believe in a policy of disconnection which requires that they drop all connections to family, friends or those who have spoken critically of Scientology, to look at you quizzically. If you ask a Scientologists what the fair game tactic is all about they feign ignorance. They’re fair game policy simply states that anyone who opposes Scientology or speaks out against it is fair game to malign, insult, slander or publicly destroy. This is a practice handed down from L. Ron Hubbard himself. He writes about it in Scientology documents. Yet ask any Scientologist about these aforementioned policies and they will deny all of it. I find it amazing people who are alleged to be intelligent, don’t  see straight through this for what it truly is, a moneymaking scheme with megalomaniacs running it.


  1. mw says:

    nice article and stories, they really are strange. i did not know all that stuff. mormons dont believe stuff that strange ,,,,,,,ta ta from colob

  2. Joe Agnost says:

    mw wrote: “mormons dont believe stuff that strange”

    Really? I suppose it’s all in the way you define “that strange”… I think it’s downright, complete and utter, insanity (what mormons believe). No less crazy than scientology IMO.

  3. Craig says:

    Haha. Don’t worry Joe . I know MW was being very sarcastic. Mw was a former Mormon . 🙂

  4. Joe Agnost says:

    Oops! Looks like I jumped the gun a little eh? My bad…… (sorry mw.)

  5. Craig says:

    Don’t worry “joe”, you won’t get judged eternally here! Cheers. 🙂

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