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Anderson Cooper Keeps Scientology Honest!

Scientology - It must be real, they use beakersKudos to Anderson Cooper. There are few members of the main stream media who are willing to confront the "nuttery" of the church of Scientology directly. For those of you who have not been watching Anderson Cooper’s 5 part series, here is a video:

I highly recommend watching this series. Anderson not only discusses violence in Scientology, but he directly calls out it’s leader, David Miscavige. I found this series particularly interesting because I have had the opportunity to speak to a member of the Sea Org myself. The gentleman I spoke to over six months ago, confirmed that violence was a regular occurrence with the church. This former member personally described seeing a violent attack perpetrated by a ranking member of the church. As this person described, he witnessed an attack in a computer room within the celebrity center. Check out the video!


  1. Bob Carlson says:

    Seems like a story of he said, she said. Who knows where the truth lies, and why should I care about what a bunch of weirdos do to each other? As weird as their beliefs are, however, they really aren’t so much more silly than the stuff the average American believes about Easter?

  2. Craig says:

    Point well taken ;however, on this site we try to look at the irrationality of many beliefs and Scientology sure does fall into categorical scope. I think in the case of Scientology it is important to “keep them honest” because of their vastly reported bullying techniques for critics. Yes, the Catholic church likes to argue with critics but rarely in the same manner as the Church of Scientology. Scientology makes use of what they internally refer to as the “fair game tactic”. This practice was authored by their founder L. Ron Hubbard himself. Simply stated, it allows for the use of any and all means to discredit critics of Scientology. It would also be one thing if the church were made up of 500 members or less but their are thousands world wide with some pretty crazy ideas. I mean crazy even when compared to other religions with irrational beliefs. Plus, I am personally amazed that in this day and age their numbers continue to swell.

    Thanks for reading Bob!

  3. Devin85Weiss says:

    I’ve heard both very good and poor about Scientology. Allow me to believe some of each mainly because I have seen it. But let’s talk about that. Compared to Christianity, Scientology is rather bland about controversy and awful deeds. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the murder on the Cathars, the Salem witch trials. Heck, also the house arrest of Galileo was pretty poor. That’s not me likely to dispute some of the terrible points I’ve found out about Scientology which may well or may possibly not be true. All I can say is, I hope the church cleans up its act. Any organization consists of men and women, and some individuals get carried away.

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