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Creation Museum

On August 28th and 29th of 2009, Craig and Dan headed to Petersburg, Kentucky to visit Ken Ham’s Creation Museum, a museum dedicated to promoting the idea that the bible’s book of Genesis is literal truth. From the six-day creation, to the talking snake, to Noah’s ark and the flood… they claim that everything in Genesis is not only literally true, but can be backed up with evidence and science.

This page is the launching point for the accounts of that visit.


The Tour


Part 1 – Introduction

General impressions of the museum and an explanation of the initial dichotomy set up between “Human Reason” and “God’s Word” that becomes a theme throughout the museum.


Part 2 – Trusting God’s Word

Furthering the dichotomy concept, the exhibits give examples of differences between “Human Reason” and “God’s Word” and finally reveal the reasons why “God’s Word” should be trusted. Also on display is a very Ray Comfort’esque figure of the Apostle Paul.


Part 3 – Graffiti Alley

Heading through “Graffiti Alley” exposes us to all the horrific results of man’s independence from God, the abandonment of scripture, and the concept that the universe is millions of years old. Yet at the end lies hope, we’re told, in the Creator’s Eternal Plan.


Part 4 – The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is on spectacular display… complete with dinosaurs… until Adam screws it all up and the world descends into sin, pain, and death… and all the previously vegetarian Tyrannosaurs become carnivorous.


Part 5 – Noah’s Ark

God decides to wipe out life on Earth… except for Noah. We see the ark as it could have been (!) in amazing detail and witness the aftereffects of the global flood, including a nearly instantaneous display of plate tectonics, rafting (don’t miss it!), and the creation of canyons.


Part 6 – Evolution and Natural Selection

The final part of the tour examines the museum’s exhibit on natural selection and evolution and exposes the museum curators’ complete lack of understanding of evolutionary theory.


Additional Presentations at the Museum


Men in White

The presentation of Men in White in the special effects theater is reviewed and shown to contain a plethora of misinformation, straw men, and outright lies.



The museum’s presentation of Microscarium, a biology lecture about microscopic life, is explained (and exposed), showing that, despite his white lab coat and his PhD from Brown University, Dr. Menton doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp of biological science.


The Last Adam

The museum video summarizing the story of Jesus’s life, crucifixion, and resurrection revels in the bloodier aspects of the story and shows (unintentionally, I’m sure) why Christianity provides a free pass for immoral behavior.