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Tibetan Demons and Dead Authors

Brannon Howse of the Christian Worldview Network The most recent podcast from my favorite right-wing, fundamentalist, conspiracy theorist Brannon Howse is a shining example of the effects of unrestrained ingestion of a toxic mish-mash containing equal parts religion, politics, and crazy.

The topic?

“The Spiritual Battle of Alice Bailey’s New Age Movement and its influence on America, the United Nations and its New World Order.”

Alice Bailey (1880-1949) is the author of New Age “woo” books such as A Treatise on White Magic or The Way of the Disciple, Rays and Initiations: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, The Consciousness of the Atom, and Soul and Its Mechanism. The Amazon description of Soul and Its Mechanism seems to be a good general example of her writing.

Here’s Howse’s take on her and her connection with Satan and what’s happening in the United States right now (emphasis mine).

Alice Bailey wrote twenty-four books that total thousands of pages. Bailey claimed to have written these books while under the guidance of a spirit guide she called Djwhal Klul or the Tibetan. Clearly Bailey was communicating with a demon which is strictly forbidden in God’s Word. It is quite clear that Satan and his army of demons have used the writings and worldview of Alice Bailey to grow their spiritual lies and to lay the foundation for the acceptance of a one-world government, one-world religion and one-world economy that will be led by Satan’s one-world leader the Antichrist. Are you coming to the clear and undeniable reality that what is happing in America and the world right now, is a spiritual battle and while in the coming months and years Satan will appear to have won, rest assured he will be defeated and God’s Kingdom will be triumphant and of God’s kingdom there shall be no end.


Evidently, in Howse’s world, Satan and his “army of demons” are acting in a way that is blatantly obvious… using the writings of an author who’s been dead for sixty years to infiltrate their way into all the governments and religions of the world in order to bring about Armageddon. But Howse has no fear, despite his dire words, because God will prevail… against dead authors and demons?

In Howse’s world of demons and devils, one-world governments, one-world religions, and one-world economies, and one-world leaders, there’s a hidden conspiracy around every corner and shadowy figures lurking in all the dark recesses on Earth just waiting to activate their secret agendas, seize power, and bring about the end of the world.

Even Alice Bailey, if she were alive, would probably raise an eyebrow at that.

I sort of agree with Brannon Howse

brannonhowse Brannon Howse is probably best known as the founder of Christian Worldview Network, an organization that tends to lean toward religiously-based conspiracy theories and tunnel-vision perspectives about the world approaching the "end times" of the bible. I actually listened to one of his entire podcasts about a month ago and it was astounding. It’s really hard to accept the idea that anyone can take him even remotely seriously, but I have very little doubt that plenty of people do.

Somehow, I got on the Christian Worldview Network’s mailing list, so I get updates every week about new podcasts and articles on their site. I stay on the list for the amusement value. This week, I hit the jackpot.

In his weekly podcast, one topic that Howse addresses is Rick Warren speaking to the Islamic Society of North America. In the summary of the podcast, here’s what Howse says.

Rick Warren speaks for the Islamic Society of North America and not only does he NOT give the gospel as usual but Warren called for "a coalition of faith" which Jan Markell says is another way of calling for a one-world religion.

I don’t know who Jan Markell is, but I’m going to take a "leap of faith" here and guess that, whoever she is, Howse agrees with her completely. The whole "one-world religion" idea is so close to "new world order" that it seems right up his alley. I could do an entire post about why that idea is laughable, but that would be (even more of) a digression.

Now here’s where I start to agree with Howse.

Warren is proving that he is extremely ignorant and foolish. Is Warren really just a false teacher that has completely duped most non-thinking Christians, including tens of thousands of pastors? […] Sadly, many Christians will continue to follow Warren because they are completely void of discernment.

That’s probably about as accurate a statement as you’re going to get regarding Warren and the Christians who admire him. Warren is a woo-peddler of the highest degree… with the added benefit of being bigoted and homophobic. He’s also got charisma, which is what makes the "non-thinking" contingent of Christians hold him in such high regard.

The thing is, you could easily replace "Warren" with a number of other names in Howse’s statement and it would be just as accurate: Haggard, Graham, Falwell, , Baker, Ham.

Oh… and "Howse."