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Are vaccinations a satanic tool?

Wow. Daniel Florien at Unreasonable Faith relates an experience he had recently with someone who is an anti-vaxxer for a reason that he (and I) hadn’t heard before. Normally, I’ll hear arguments that vaccines contain deadly toxins or that they don’t work or that the government is trying to get us used to doing what they say (!!!). The reason that Daniel heard is…

They’re using the vaccines to introduce microchips into the population — these chips are the mark of the beast. They’ll use them to track us and eventually we won’t be able to buy or sell without these chips, just like the Bible says. Don’t get the vaccines!

Wow. Just add this to the giant trash bin of absurd reasons to avoid protecting your children.

Go check out his post for the rest of the story.

Despair? Who has time for that?

Daniel Florien at Unreasonable Faith asked his readers what they do when they face despair. There are quite a few good responses, but the comment by “darlene” takes the cake hands down.

I can only speak for me, but I don’t ever face despair.

How can I despair, when I know that my actions have the ability to change and effect my world? How can I despair when I know that the only “forces” moving against me are either random chance or scientifically based or just other humans being nits? How can I despair when I am free to make choices as needed to meet the circumstances, without worrying about an overseerer who may disapprove?

Despair? When I can look at my life and claim absolute responsibility for all my triumphs as well as my failures? When I can know that I am where I am because of my own abilities and actions and ambitions; and that if I don’t like where I am I can change it?

I have so much power over my own life, and I am mindful of that power. I fill my days with good books; and educating my child (I homeschool); and being a spouse; and working with my dogs; learning new things and reinforcing old lessons and doing volunteer work that is meaningful to me…I choose my life, and the people in it.

Despair? Who has time for that? For me despair is a luxury, a chance to wallow in defeat for a few minutes, before I’m planning a comeback. Sure, I get sad, blue, sick, tired, sick AND tired, annoyed, etc…but despair?

I think true despair comes from helplessness–a complete inability to control one’s life and the events therein. Since I don’t have the option of handing control of my life over to anyone else, despair doesn’t really play a part. It has nothing to latch onto.

So how does this atheist face despair? By not giving it a toehold in the first place.

But that’s just me.

A Dark Journey

Unreasonable Faith is in the top three of my favorite blogs and Daniel Florien has completed four parts (so far) in a series called “An Evil God? A Journey Through the Dark Parts of the Bible” in which he points out some (many) of the problems with the Bible… especially when it comes to using it as any kind of moral guidebook.

He does a great job of laying out his arguments and it’s definately worth a read.