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Improving the Muslim Image… One Beheading at a Time!

Mr. and Mrs. HassanI remember the good old days when insane, medieval Muslim violence was something that only happened, “over there.”  It doesn’t seem that long ago. Now radical Islam has quickly been making its barbaric global rounds.

A Muslim T.V. mogul named Muzzammil Hassan has allegedly beheaded his wife, Aasiya Hassan. You see, Aasiya Hassan had begun divorce proceedings and filed a protection from abuse order against Muzzammil Hassan due to previous instances of domestic violence.  Apparently, Muzzammil didn’t appreciate that  very much so he “allegedly” did what any self respecting husband would do given the circumstances and beheaded his soon-to-be-ex wife.

Ostensibly, this is the radical Islamic version of an “out of court” settlement.

I haven’t even mentioned the crazy part yet. Mr. and Mrs. Hassan were in the television business together. They started a television station in 2004 to change the way in which Muslims were being violently depicted in the media. What the @#$%! This story broke the same day as the plane crash in Buffalo, so it has received little, if any, attention (which should certainly help Muzzammil find an unbiased jury).

Good old fashioned sharia violence is here to stay folks. Our open society has welcomed these sharia-law-abiding #$@holes with open arms. In their sporadic reporting, these “honor killings” seem rare and insignificant. The United Nations estimates that over 5,000 of these killings are committed every year. That number is not huge, as a percentage of world population, but just one arbitrary and religiously endorsed brutal slaying is one too many in this day and age.

I would be willing to wager that without the threat of eternal damnation, few of these fathers and husbands would consider such horrifically atrocious acts. These honor killings are just another glorious example of what ignorant mammals are capable of when religion is used as a justification.

So the next time you are speaking with a Christian fundamentalist and they ask, “How  could you lead a moral life without religion?”  you tell them,  “I don’t get my morality from a guy who sent his only begotten son on a suicide mission.”


  1. Alex says:

    You people are the reason this country is the way it is. How do you blame Islam for the acts of one man. Do you also say that americans are not civilized because of the amount of serial killers we have in the US. Women are dismembered, thrown through woodchippers and just plain old tortured in America everyday. Do we automatically start saying that americans are all terrorist and start blaming christianity. You people are so ignorant. Like this stuff isnt comitted by crazy white people that killed their wives and kids when they go crazy. This is one man that did something evil and because he is of muslim decent, you say that is the reason.

  2. hamoukshah says:

    well alex, thanks for the lively comment. it simply says what i’d like to say. i’d add that muzzamil’s horrible act of revenge had nothing to do with islamic radicalism which does exist in the form of al qaida and co. The case on hand , though, deals with something differnet. mr.hassan was reportedly not devout.
    back to alex’s argument, i’d like to point out, that crime levels in the us are among the highest in the world. rape and sexual offences are no foreign words to the nice american society. american averag citizens have been relentlessly , shamelessly and humanlessly threatening the octuplet mom ever since she gave birth to her twins. a civilization indeed.
    Islam gave the woman -14 centurie ago- the right to get divorced , which would have solved the hassan’s case .dthey been devout enough to understand this. too many divorce cases pass unnoticed and without domestic violence all around the muslim world.
    the u.s. on the other hand has or should i say have committed the worst of the crimes humanity has ever witnessed , check iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, palestine, cuba , venezuela and the list goes along.

  3. hamzan says:

    True Islam gave the man an easy way out by simply saying divorce 3 times. But she was a woman who wanted out of an abusive relationship. In the U.S. the crimes you see are not as gruesome.. Killing your wife as you would a cow by slitting the throat with a knife and letting her bleed is not something done by anyone in the western world. It conjures a sense of medievalism and barbaric behavior that the modern world is not used to, but then again, he came from Pakistan, so what can one expect?

  4. Craig says:

    Alex, thanks for the post. Allow me to clarify my position for you.
    1. I don’t blame Islam for the acts of one man. I blame “radical” Islam for the acts of this man. Cutting off your wife’s head seems a little “radical”. In particular the potential requirements of Sharia Law.
    2. You are correct, I do not blame all American Christians for domestic violence that occurs within an American Christian home. I DO however blame fundamentalist Christian wack jobs for shooting doctors and nurses at abortion clinics. All religions have their radical elements. In this article, it is the radical element I am addressing.
    3. You have to admit it seems awfully ironic that a man so concerned about his ethnic communities portrayal in this country, would then “allegedly” behead his wife in the very television station he founded to combat that portrayal. I can’t possibly be the only person to recognize the irony of that.
    4. As to the statistics on woodchipper slayings, you are right I have none. I will go out on a limb and suggest that they are far outnumbered by Sharia Law induced honor slayings. So much so the United Nations conducted a study of honor killings and concluded over 5,000 take place every year. I can assure you, if Christians (or any organized group of believers) began suggesting that the cure for domestic strife was a trip to the mulch pile for “disobedient” women, you would have read an article in the same vane.

    Thank you.

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