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More fun with church signs

A recent change to the sign of a local church provides this:

Love, not time, heals all wounds.
God needs your love, too.

I like the sentiment of the first part, though I think time plays a part, too. However, the second part gave me pause and actually got me thinking about something that’s puzzled me about theistic religions.

If their God is perfect, why would he need your love? Actually, why would he need to have created mankind at all? Taking it further, why would he even have bothered to create the universe? No matter what reasons are given, they all attribute human needs and characteristics to God. Needy? Bored? Curious? Jealous?

I would think a perfect god would never have needs… or wants. If he’s perfect, then that’s that.

Has anyone heard any really rational reasons for God’s demands of obedience? …or for his creating everything in the first place? I’ve yet to hear one, even from my religious friends.

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