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Satan Hates Metro South Church

A Detroit, Michigan church has begun using Satan’s name to promote their church. Metro South Church is trying to get folks to come to their Sunday services by using signs, signed by Satan, that say bad things about the church.

Metro South Church Sign 1

Adam Dorband, the youth pastor at the church said this.

The technique is like all these signs that say they’re from Satan, but really we think like Satan is probably against what we are doing because God is doing some really big, awesome things in our church every week. Hundreds of peoples lives are getting impacted and changed.


[Jesus] wants us to be creative and he wants us to… use whatever it takes to reach people.

The reaction has been mixed, according to Pastor Jeremy Schossau.

A little bit of good, little bit of bad, but overall there’s been a lot of reaction. I guess that’s sort of the point of marketing, isn’t it?

It’s an interesting approach, to be sure. Evidently, it’s offended some folks while others think it’s clever, but it’s gotten them a lot of attention and that’s what advertising is all about… mostly.

Metro South Church Sign 2

Referring to the signs, Pastor Schossau added…

We’re sorry if you’re offended by them. That’s not our point. We don’t mean to… shock anybody or make anybody mad. We thought it was clever. We thought it was whimsical. We didn’t mean… to get anybody upset.

It seems someone disingenuous to say that they didn’t mean to get anybody upset or shock anyone. The effectiveness of the campaign is almost purely based on its shock aspect. I think it can safely be categorized as “clever” but “whimsical” is a stretch.

Atheists probably find it fairly amusing, however. As one commenter stated…

“You can always depend on Satan to get something done, apparently.”


  1. rhil says:

    Yeah totally, Like Jon said (the youth worship leader at Metro) – anything short from sin. Obviously God doesn’t want us to sin in order to lead people to Christ. If you read in Corinthians (the letters that Paul wrote) – He did so many things he went all out to do whatever it took for people to find Jesus – When he was amongst the Jews, he lived like them, when he was with the Gentiles he lived like them. When he was with the weak he acted weak and took on their burdens with them. He even shaved his head and pierced his ear to “fit” in.. he said that we need to be all things to all people so that people will come to know Jesus! Whatever it takes! It’s all about leading people to the Lord. I know that Adam was not talking about sinning – He was talking about following Jesus’s lead and doing whatever it takes!

  2. Matt says:

    I, for one, am a member of this wonderful church and I personally believe that the impact the campaign has made has been truly amazing! my first visit to the Church was in the EARLY 2000’s and i had gone away for about 5 or 6, maybe even 7 (im not exactly sure) and to come back has SHOCKED and AMAZED me!! a church of merely 300 members now has over 1300!!! THAT MY FRIENDS IS A TRUE MIRACLE!!! the love and power of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is as strong in this Church as it would be at the gates of HEAVEN!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

    1. Dan says:

      It may have had great results and personally, I think it was very clever. However… it’s disingenuous (or outright dishonest) to state, as Pastor Schossau did, that “we didn’t mean to shock anybody.”

      Unless Pastor Schossau is completely ignorant of human psychology (which I doubt), then he knew quite well that an ad such as this would shock people. That’s why it works.

      I’m okay with the methods. I’m not okay with the dishonesty about using the methods.

  3. JerryB says:

    This “church” is amazing to grow in such numbers is such a short period of time is only a message from God that they are doing the right thing. Who could disagree? ME!!
    If you believe my statement to be true then God had his hands on Hitler and blessed his “ministry”. His army grew substantially in a short period of time. Numbers dont mean everything and it certainly does not mean the Truth is being tought.
    Ok, Now that I proved my point let me take a quote from Metros website. Any person with a hint of biblical knowledge should be scared by this quote.
    “IF GOD DOES NOT FULFILL HIS PROMISE, METRO SOUTH WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR GIVING WITHIN THE 90 DAY TEST PERIOD.” Again, When has God NOT fulfilled His promise? If that is true then He is not worth following. That being said I know God DOES keep his promise all the time. I could go on about this church but hopefully i’ve made some of its members think and read the Bible and really search for truths for themselves.
    For the non believers dont think that all Christians believe the same. A majority dont and find the tactics they have used offensive.

    1. Dan says:

      I have a couple questions for you. What’s wrong with saying that 100% of someone’s giving will be refunded if God doesn’t fulfill his promise? Isn’t that sort of an “inside joke” of sorts that you won’t be getting your money back?

      My second question is related. You say “When has God NOT fulfilled his promise?” What “promise” are you talking about, specifically? Are there multiple promises (again, specifically)? Have ALL promises been fulfilled? How so (specifically)?

      I’m just curious because your statements are a bit vague on the details.

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