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I am a believer… and an atheist.

I just read this post by vjack on Atheist Revolution and agree wholeheartedly with his sentiment, so I thought I’d pass it along. He writes concerning the labels we use to define ourselves, specifically relating to atheism.

A choice quote:

And how dare any religious person give me the load of crap about “How can you be an atheist? I can’t imagine going through life not believing in anything.” I believe in plenty of things.

As do I. As do I.


  1. Drew says:

    Recently I attempted to explain my atheism to my 16-year-old sister. Struggling to understand me, she told me that without faith I would find it hard to ever find a wife. I told her that there’s a difference between faith and trust–belief without proof, and belief with proof.

    1. Dan says:

      That’s an important distinction that seems to be missed by many fundamentalists. I hope your sister eventually figures it out the way you did. 🙂

  2. Truth seeker says:


    Many people waste their entire lives believing in lies. I can believe that I am 6 feet tall, but when I look in the mirror I have to accept reality, I’m 5’7″. Faith is a lie is called foolishness. Scripture teaches that a fool says in his heart that there is no God. Reality is that God created heaven and earth. His Word, the Bible, is all truth. God is holy and without God, we have no hope of eternal life. Scripture says that it is appointed unto man once to die and then after that we go before God in judgment. We were created for God’s glory and His will. We did not will ourselves to be born. Nor can we will our life after death. God and God alone will determine who spends eternity in heaven and who spends eternity in damnation. You must decide while you still can whether you will humble yourslef before God or rebell against Him. With obedience comes blessings and with rebellion comes judgment. God has revealed Himself to each one of us in His creation and in our hearts and minds. When we surpress the knowledge of Him, we become blinded and believe the lie that God does not exist. I encourage you to pray that God will reveal Himself to you. You are not promised tomorrow, chose you this day whom you will serve for today is the day of salvation. God bless.

    1. Truth seeker says:

      spelling correction
      “Faith in a lie is called foolishness.”

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