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Leavin’ on a jet plane! AAI Convention!

Tomorrow morning (at a horrifically early hour), Craig and I are flying out to Burbank via Los Angeles for the 2009 Atheist Alliance International Convention. Among the speakers are Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Daniel Dennett, PZ Myers, Sean Faircloth, Eugenie Scott, and Lawrence Krauss.

I’m not sure if we’ll get a chance to do any updates during the convention, but we will if we can.

We’re looking forward to an awesome weekend and a fantastic convention with over 500 fellow atheists! …and we’ll definitely report back with all the great stuff we see and hear.

I’m psyched!


  1. Brett Bavar says:

    I’ll be there too! Looking forward to meeting people, maybe we’ll run into each other.

    1. Dan says:

      Awesome, Brett! I’ll keep an eye out for you! …or your name badge, anyway. 😉

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