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Intellectual Dishonesty, Cameron Style.

633619816658263170-ceationismSoon Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort will descend upon college campuses nationwide with their particular brand of evangelical drumbeating. On November 19 they intend to hand out over 50,000 copies of Charles Darwin’s, On The Origin Of Species. These copies of On The Origin Of Species have been blessed with a 40 to 50 page introduction penned by Ray comfort himself. Advanced copies of Comfort’s version of this book indicate that he has edited it. Kirk Cameron has also released a promotional video trying to drum up support for their campus campaign. I watched this video. It wasn’t easy but yes I watched it. After watching it I felt compelled to put together,what became,  my first attempt at video editing in an effort to shine the light of rationality on the rantings of Kirk Cameron. Please enjoy.



  1. mark says:

    nice job Craig. i’m sure kirk would be happy with the results, i know i was. i know he was on growing pains, and listening to him was painful. mark

    1. Craig says:

      Thanks Mark! As the minutes of video ticked by, I did infact find my pain was growing too! 😉

  2. Richard says:

    Very nice video! Watching such a video without your subtitles would have been awful. I would have been stuck thinking the same things, frustrated I couldn’t somehow convince the guy talking to me of how wrong he is.
    Also, spot on with the Einstein quote! When he tried to use Einstein to back up creationism, you nailed their misinformation right on the head!

    1. Craig says:

      Thanks Richard. This one was so much fun I just might start doing some more! Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂

  3. Bob says:

    You should post a video listing all the powerful and influential and evil people (they tried to use Hitler) who massacred people in the name of religion but I don’t think youtube allows videos that long.

    1. Craig says:

      Great idea, I just might have to try that! I especially loved the fact that besides Einstein, who they misused, the majority of scientists they mentioned lived well over two hundred years ago! Nothing supports your argument better than the beliefs of a three hundred year old scientist! Comfortttttttttt! 🙂 Thanks for reading Bob.

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