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Human Evolution Bones at Five Below!

Saturday evening, I was at Five Below with my daughter, shopping for a Christmas gift for a gift exchange (we got a lava lamp, in case you’re wondering) and came upon this little gem.

Human Evolution Bones Excavation Kit

I was amazed. I’d never seen any kind of evolution “toy” before other than the great stuff from Charlie’s Playhouse, but here was something at Five Below, of all places! It’s one of those archaeology, “dig out the treasure” types of toys. I’ve gotten them before with pirate coins and “Egyptian statues” and some other goodies, but seeing something with the words “Human Evolution” on the front was a bit of a shock… a pleasant one, but a shock nonetheless!

Here’s what’s on the box and what’s in the kit.

Human Evolution Bones Excavation KitHuman Evolution Bones Excavation KitHuman Evolution Bones Excavation Kit

There’s supposed to be model glue in the kit as well, but it wasn’t in the one I photographed. I bought three of them (they were priced at $3.50) so I could give one as a gift and have a spare for myself.

Interestingly enough, there were plenty of them on the shelf. I’m not sure if that’s significant or not, since Five Below usually has a lot of everything. Maybe I’ll go back in a few days and see if they’re selling or not. I have trouble seeing this as a big seller, though it would probably sell better here than it would in the bible belt. If you’re in a highly religious area and have a Five Below in your area, check it out and let me know if your store has them.

In the meantime, my daughter is anxious to start digging.

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