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The Thinking Atheist and Noah’s Ark

The Thinking Atheist has a new video about Noah’s Ark and the Genesis flood. Very well done and very funny!

I’ll bet Ken Ham has answers for all those questions, though.

I’ll also bet his answers are nonsense.


  1. Bob Carlson says:

    But they didn’t take into account the fact that the ark was also 450′ high. 🙂 Where did I get this idea? It came to me the other day in a chain mail titled “This is really beautiful…..”, which pertained to a picture of Noah’s ark with pairs animals streaming down its stairway, which was followed by a list of 11 phrases of syrupy proverbial “wisdom.” I searched Google Images and found the source of the image and the phrases. Enjoy:


    1. Dan says:

      LOL! Awesome! (in a really funny way) 🙂

  2. Bob Carlson says:

    Correction: The chain mail was titled: “This is really beautifull…..” 🙂

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