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Sean Hannity… smug and ignorant

Not much time to comment on this story from the American Humanist Association other than to say that Sean Hannity, with his recent comments about the Obama administration meeting with a group of non-theists, continues to display an amazing amount of smugness, ignorance, and outright idiocy.

Here’s the article from the AHA.


  1. Papa T says:


    I don’t much care for the idea of the AHA at the White House. But I didn’t much care for the idea of Billy Graham at the White House, either. […Or Rick Warren, or Dr. Lowry at the inauguration, etc.]

    But I guess that’s how the political cookie crumbles.

    And, yes, Hannity is prone to (rather continuous) outbursts of smugness, ignorance, and–I suppose–outright idiocy. While the idiocy might be questionable, I can certainly identify with your frustration.] The thing is, whether one looks to the “Right” or to the “Left,” a plethora of smug, ignorant idiocy is readily available. I get tired of the tug-of-war. But, sadly, I don’t see the rope’s being laid down any time soon.

    An old friend of mine is known to say: Ignorant by birth, stupid by choice. Too many have chosen.


    1. Dan says:

      I wholeheartedly agree that there’s plenty of ignorance (and idiocy) on both ends of the political spectrum. When I talk politics here, I try to focus mostly on the effects that religious politicking has on our government, rather than just politics in general… hence the Hannity comments.

      As you can probably tell, it’s frustrating to me when atheists (and secular folks in general) are misportrayed as evil, immoral, and unethical simply due to a lack of belief in the supernatural.

      …and I like your old friend’s saying. 🙂

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