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I smell a RAT-zinger!

The Emperor of CatholicismWhy is the head of the world’s largest cult not in prison…you know, the Pope? I’m not sure why the “current” Catholic sex scandal is making such news. It has been known and documented for years that Ratzinger was the author of the Catholic policy to move child molesters rather than prosecute them. The scope of the Catholic child raping may be larger then originally thought but Ratzinger was always known to be the man in charge of the cover up. This has never been in question.

Now, more to the point. Why is the Pope not being prosecuted for his support (by willful inaction) of child rape and torture?

Imagine a school where young children were being raped. Now imagine the Superintendent of that particular school district KNEW that one of his teachers was raping children and that his solution to the problem was to transfer that school teacher to another school within the district. Now,  let’s pretend that this teacher had raped 50 children. Forgetting any legal culpability, would their be any moral culpability on the part of the Superintendent? You’re damn right there would be.  Last but not least, pretend this happened at your child’s school and that your child was one of the 50 children raped!

This hypothetical situation is tame when compared to the real Catholic sex scandals. The real scandal involves   (I’m being WAY conservative) priests and thousands of children worldwide! It has become virtually institutionalized within the Catholic priesthood.

This one goes out to all of you Catholics out there.  How could you voluntarily continue to be part of an organization that would allow this man to act as it’s moral authority? If you really don’t have an answer to that question just ask yourself this. What would Jesus do?


  1. Bob Carlson says:

    A few years ago, I attended the first communion of the child of friends. There were a group of children who were quizzed by a priest concerning the things they had learned in their Catechism classes, and following the questioning, the priest waved the index finger of his raised hand at the children and said “Do NOT QUESTION!” He then turned to the parents and repeated the admonition, while waving his finger at them. I presume it must be very difficult for the average Catholic to question the moral authority, yet alone the decency of the Pope.

    1. Craig says:

      I also have friends who are Catholic and I agree, it’s tough to question the church authorities. I have watched my friend’s parents follow their religous beliefs to the furthest degree, but if “moral” people can’t find the inner strength to question the willful neglect and rape of children then I suggest all hope is lost. There are few if any crimes that the civilized world holds more in contempt then those perpetrated on children. Hell, even hard core prison inmates have enough of a ” moral” sense of obligation to treat pedophiles harshly. Let’s hope some of the lord’s sheep finally find some courage to, if not run from the sheppard; at least stray from the flock. Thanks for reading!

  2. Bob Carlson says:

    I searched the web and found that a spokesperson for the Roman Catholic Womenpriests has called for the Pope to resign. Given that the Pope doesn’t recognize her group, she surely has little to lose by doing this.

  3. Bob Carlson says:

    Speaking of RAT-zingers, check out this zinger in the Washington Post.

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