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Why Rationality Now?

Our country (the United States) and our world are desperately in need of more rational, logical thinking. Fundamentalist religious beliefs, pseudo-science, superstition, and other irrational quackery continue pushing and shoving their way into all arenas of public life, creating an environment where anti-intellectualism and willful ignorance are not only acceptable, but at times lauded. Science, critical thinking, and rationality need to be the hallmarks our our society in order to protect and preserve our lives, our families, our country, and our planet.

Through this website, we hope to help promote rationality and criticize superstition in all aspects of our lives.


What is Rationality?

Rationality is defined as the state of being rational. To be rational is to have or exercise the ability to reason, to be of sound mind, and to be consistent with or based on reason and logic. – Dictionary.com


What is Atheism?

Atheism is defined as either belief  that there is/are no god(s) or a disbelief in the existence of any supreme being(s). The two definitions are similar, but not identical, though the difference is subtle.

Both definitions come from the fact that no evidence exists to support a claim of divine, supernatural beings. They then proceed to the logical conclusion that, given the complete lack of evidence, the claim of supernatural beings is, for all intents and purposes, false. The subtle difference comes into play with the words belief and disbelief, though some atheists make no distinction.

The origin of the word comes from “a” (without) and “theos” (God).


What is Agnosticism?

Agnosticism is defined as the uncertainty of all claims to ultimate knowledge (including gods). It is also the idea that there can be no proof of a god’s existence or non-existence. The generic definition also applies to all supernatural beliefs.

The origin of the words comes from “a” (without) and “gnostic” (knowledge).


What is Skepticism?

Skepticism refers to having an attitude of doubt and questioning. Skeptics will tend to reject claims without first weighing the evidence for the claim in a rational, logical, and scientific way.


Is Atheism a religion?

No. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in gods. Nothing more. It has none of the characteristics of a religion.


Do you believe in Evolution?

Short answer: Yes. Evolution is a scientific theory that has withstood intense scrutiny for decades and has been modified, as any scientific theory would be, to fit the growing body of evidence that the scientific community has uncovered. Evolution has been an accepted theory for the progression of life since before Darwin’s time. Darwin’s theory of natural selection (his contribution to the already-existing theory of evolution) is a scientifically accepted theory by everyone except those who fear its religious implications.


Isn’t Science a religion of sorts?

No. Science is a process and a field of study. It is not a set of dogmatic beliefs. The scientific process is a method of determining truth based on observable facts, repeatable testing, peer review, and constant revision.

In the words of Sam Harris, “The difference between science and religion is the difference between a willingness to dispassionately consider new evidence and new arguments, and a passionate unwillingness to do so.”


Can you prove God doesn’t exist?

No… no more than we can prove that fairies don’t exist. Attempting to prove the non-existence of something is pointless. Proving something exists is, however, critical. When someone makes a claim, it is up to that person to prove his claim by providing evidence that can be verified and tested. This is referred to as the “burden of proof.”


Do you worship Satan?

No. Satan’s existence is treated the same as God’s existence.


How can morality exist without religion?

This is a huge topic of debate, but for the purposes of this FAQ, suffice it to say that morality existed before religion entered the picture and continues to exist despite religion’s repeated attempts to corrupt it. Rational thinking can provide far better concepts of right and wrong than religion ever has.


Don’t you need Faith to be an Atheist?

No. Faith in what? Faith means having a belief in something for which there is no evidence.


What do you think happens when you die?

Game over.


What about all the evidence supporting God?

There is no evidence to support the existence of a god. Evidence based on personal experience or subjective pleadings is not credible. The belief in a god is purely faith-based.


Isn’t the Bible proof of God?

No. The Bible was written by men. The only “proof” the Bible provides is its own claim that God exists by claiming that the Bible itself is the “Word of God.” Circular logic does not equal proof. The Bible contains so many inconsistencies and contradictions that the claim of its divinity is irrational at best.


Do you like pie?

Yes. Duh.


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