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Webcomic: Jesus’s First Birthday

My first attempt at a webcomic…

Jesus's First Birthday

(Thanks to Mike for the collaboration)

Happy Birthday… or Anniversary?

Today marks one year since Craig and I first started Rationality Now with a post linking to a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Since then we’ve grown in both knowledge and readership and I wanted to sincerely thank all of our current and former readers who have helped make this past year of blogging a great experience.

As if they actually knew, a Jehovah’s Witness showed up at my front doorstep around 9:30 am. My wife answered the door because I was sleeping in so I missed the opportunity to chat with him. It’s actually the first time in my almost fourteen years of living here that someone has stopped by while I was at home… and I missed it.

I’m pretty sure he was going to say Happy Birthday… or Happy Anniversary.

Which is it, anyway?