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Institutionalized child rape

More from PZ Myers on the Catholic Church’s institutionalization of child rape.

How bad can a Catholic priest get?

Meanwhile, the Pope heads a Catholic office that was sheltering child-rapers, and the entire Catholic hierarchy is busily claiming the martyrdom of Christ for itself because people have started to complain about their intrusive little penises. They aren’t even trying for the moral flood plain, let alone the moral high ground. It’s more like they’re taking a dive in the Marianas Trench of turpitude while pretending to climb the Everest of propriety.

The difference between an organization with “a few bad apples” and the Catholic Church is that the church has institutionalized child rape. It’s not just a case of a good organization having some bad people. The church, at its highest levels, has repeatedly re-employed rapists, deceived parishioners, and trivialized child abuse… as a matter of policy!

The Catholic Church, as an organization, is rotten at its core.